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Senserva is a cybersecurity innovator with a focus on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) that helps organizations manage the complex problems associated with identity and access in the cloud to minimize security risk.

Founded by industry leading security and tech veteran, Mark Shavlik, Senserva helps by providing a solution focused on the principle of least privilege with complete visibility on user security for an organization.

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SenservaPro is an evaluation and complete service available in the Azure Marketplace

The Senserva solution delivers security and compliance scoring by diving deep into data associated with Azure Active Directory accounts.

An incredibly fast and rich interactive user interface identifies areas needing security focus. Senserva rank-orders all users by security awareness based on their roles, licenses, and various risk factors. This allows security teams to check for misconfigurations, identify shadow admins, and meet compliance standards.

Making your cloud security better.

Senserva offers user security by providing cloud security intelligence through our patent pending platform.

Senserva is scalable and created to work with your existing environment. Visibility across your entire account base will provide security teams with more confidence and better control to improve their security posture. Senserva gets data directly from your environment, never relying on log shipping, ensuring you have all of your data and complete visibility.

Works with your current infrastructure.

Senserva installs and runs inside of a client's subscription in their Azure environment. This allows Senserva to dig deep into client data to access the most relevant user security data and deliver accurate results with full visibility.

Keep your data in your environment.

All client data, including personally identifiable information never leaves their cloud environment and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the client tenant. By running entirely inside the client's subscriptions and tenants, Senserva adds an extra layer of comfort to client security.

How does Senserva Enterprise Work?

Get Detailed Security and Compliance Risk Assessments,
Deep and Wide.

Senserva helps with the principle of least privileged access by going deep into your data. All Azure Active Directory accounts in the tenant are assessed by security awareness and given a weighted score. The fast and interactive user interface allows for rapid searches and review of the results immediately. This user data is then compared with industry compliance controls, providing data that organizations need to quickly address any areas non-compliance.

Designed to Work with Major Cloud Providers.

Senserva builds on the security solutions provided by each cloud vendor and works to improve them.

Microsoft 365 Azure

Senserva fully runs on and supports Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Teach yourself Azure AD Security for free using Senserva!

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